Bucket List

Here is my life bucket list! Some small things and some big things! 🙂

♥ Get my septum pierced

♥ Get at least 20 tattoos

♥ Pass my driving test

♥ Buy my first car

♥ Move out and get my own place

♥ Become an organ donour

♥ Donate blood

♥ Buy a DSLR camera and start practicing some photography 

♥Travel to Brighton

♥Go to a wild safari park

♥ Get a tattoo

♥ See McBusted in concert

♥ See one direction in concert

♥ Put a lock on the bridge of love in Paris

♥ Go to Disneyland (Paris)

♥ Go travelling around Europe

♥ Visit America

♥ Visit an elephant santuary

♥ Get engaged

♥ Get married

♥ Do a bungee jump

♥ Jump off a cliff into water

♥ Have a child/children

♥ Learn to play an instrument

♥ Go to Egypt

♥ Go skydiving

♥ Write a book

♥ Go skiing

♥ Eat pizza and pasta in Italy!

♥ Go onto the Eiffel tower

♥ Go to Disneyworld (Florida)

♥ Go skinny dipping

♥ Go backpacking

♥ Make a rainbow cake

♥ Visit Las Vegas

♥ Go on a weekend away road trip with friends

♥ Go ice skating in New York

♥ Ride in a hot air balloon

♥ Go paint balling

♥ Watch a full sunset on a beach

♥ Go to Winter Wonderland in London

♥ Go to Download festival

♥ Visit and swim under a waterfall