Life Lately

It’s funny to think that this time in just over 3 months time I’ll be a Mum, me?! Like I will have a daughter of my own and it’s so bizarre that even now, sat here at 5 and a half months pregnant some days it still doesn’t feel real. I know that there will be no other feeling like it when I meet her, but I have a few nieces and nephews and the love I have for them is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt so I can only imagine for what I’ll be feeling when it’s my own flesh and blood, just holding her in my arms.

I always wanted to have a family and have children it was always going to be my biggest goal in life and probably the biggest accomplishment I’ll ever do. I know it’s not easy but life isn’t always easy, but I am so ready for this new chapter to begin and the love and bond that Elliott and I have got, is so strong and unbreakable and I know we’ll be able to give our daughter the most happiest life full of love, warmth and laughter and that’s all that I’ll ever want. We think we have decided on her name too which is super exciting!

I have recently started my own small business and it’s going really well and it makes me so so happy when someone orders something and then I get their feedback that they love the products that I create. it’s simply just amazing. I have put so much thought and hard work into my business the last few months and this is something I have done all by myself with no help and I am ever so proud of that! Business isn’t booming but I’m getting a lot of interest and a few sales and I enjoy making things, sewing is so much fun to me that even if I made no sales I would still sew on the daily! Honestly there is thread everywhere! Elliott moans but he loves it really, he loves seeing me in my little craft corner doing something that I love and thrive at and all his support means so much, he believes in me and pushes me to be the best version of myself, and for that I’ll love him forever.

We are fully settled in our new flat and we are absolutely loving it, it’s slowly filling up with baby items for our little girl and I cannot wait until she’s here! My belly is forever growing and it’s the nicest but strangest feeling when she wriggles about in there.

Life is good, all is well and I feel forever grateful to be healthy and able to carry my child safely especially through a global pandemic.

until next time xoxo

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