Love, Popsy! My new small business

I wanted to share something exciting on my blog today, I would like to introduce you to Love, Popsy! My new handmade small business I have been eager to create for many, many months now! After getting more creative in the 1st lockdown back in March 2020, I experimented with sewing, making clothes, cross stitching and even candle making (which failed but I want to try again soon!) and other things, I have been on furlough for a while and I knew working from home would be my ideal hobby/job.

I have decided to create this little business from our little flat here in Bristol and it’s going well! Business isn’t booming but it’s only the beginning, I have so many plans and creative ideas on things I would love to make and share for others to enjoy too. This is more of a hobby I enjoy doing, and whenever I get a sale it’s a bonus 🙂


I currently sell skirts, hair scrunchies, face masks, zip bags/pouches, tote bags & reusable cotton pads! I want to soon try out some children’s items too with a baby on the way myself *so exciting* I would also love to experiment with more clothes such as dresses and trousers, I’m also a massive fan of candles & wax melts, I buy them from small business all the time so I would love to create my own soon! I have many more ideas floating around my head and have jotted lots of ideas down – but there is plenty of time for all that.

If you would like to check out my Etsy shop you can here: LovePopsy

You can also follow my socials for regular updates, offers & giveaways! 

Instagram: LovePopsyUk

Facebook: LovePopsy

TikTok: LovePopsy

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