My first trimester

It’s over! The first trimester is finally over and I’m a few weeks into the second trimester now and it’s better than the first was and everyone always said *the first trimester is the worst* and to be fair it wasn’t great for me but I powered through and it could of been worse. It was really hard keeping it a secret but I felt very nervous after we done the pregnancy test, my mind just thought the worst and I worried a lot so we booked an early private scan for 10 weeks and that very first moment we first laid our eyes on our little bambino on the screen was the most surreal moment of my life so far, but it felt like a massive wave of relief that our baby is actually in there growing nicely with a healthy heart beat! I was honestly so, so happy we had that early scan. Then seeing our bubba again recently at our 12 week scan was just magical and we could of just led there all day both staring at the screen in awe of this tiny human that we have created together. Amazing.

How we found out

We weren’t trying but we weren’t not trying, more just going with the flow but starting a family was something we both knew we wanted to do together so we let the universe decide when it was the right time. So one day when we were just chilling at home, I had a look at my period tracker app and realised I was 2 days late due on my period and thought let’s just do a test, why not ay! We both did not expect it at all, especially Elliott he was like ‘I don’t think you will be yet Soph’ and little did we know, after those long few minutes of waiting, he picked up the stick and seen the + sign! We were super shocked and it didn’t feel real at first, Elliott ran to the shop and got a clear blue digital test to do as well as he couldn’t quite believe the cheap Tesco one we had and when we did it and the words read PREGNANT, that’s the moment our lives changed forever. We were both so happy and speechless, it’s a very weird feeling I must admit. We went straight to Tesco and got a little Pumpkin baby grow! Halloween baby outfits are a must, obviously.

First appointment & Scans

Due to covid-19, we had our first midwife appointment over the phone which was fine, Elliott was here too we had her on loud speaker she was ever so nice asking us both questions and answering any we had for her. The next day I then had to go to my local gp where I did a urine sample, blood tests and she measured my height, weight and blood pressure. I got my little yellow book which is my maternity notes I keep through the whole pregnancy! (I was excited for that) Elliott had to wait outside, but it was only 30 minutes and was pretty straight forward!

As I mentioned we had a 10 week scan which I was super nervous for, but finally getting that confirmation our baby is fine we then shared our news with our family and friends! It was so nice seeing everyones reactions and people being so happy for us both.

Then we had our 12 week NHS scan, the midwife was so nice, I had more bloods and stuff and then Elliott came into the scan room which was lovely! We got 7 photographs of our little bubba, the one of the little alien hand is just the best thing ever! The sonographer lady was brilliant and we were all chatting and laughing, we paid for 4 photographs but she ended up giving us 7, which I thought was such a nice thing to do. Especially when they are like £4 each!? Crazy prices.

Symptoms / Cravings

After we found out at about 4 weeks, until week 10 I had the worst fatigue you could imagine, I honestly hated the feeling of how tired I was, literally felt like I was working a 50 hour week but instead I was literally just chilling at home due to being on furlough from work (which was lucky to be honest) I cried a few times, once at missing my mums cat? a cat video Elliott showed me and just a few times just because I was achey and tired all the time. I felt a little sick now and again but luckily I got away with actually being physically sick, I was so scared that I was going to get bad sickness so yeehaw to that. I don’t think I’ve had any cravings in particular, I did completely just go off food tho, I was hardly eating I just didn’t feel hungry. If I did eat, I’d just live on toast, crumpets and crisps.. awful I know but my body just didn’t want anything. I also went off cups of tea?! MADNESS, I love my cups of tea but I usually only have 1 cuppa in the morning now.

One thing I have to mention is the peeing all the damn time! I wake up every single night to go a wee and it’s so annoying, so my sleep at night hasn’t been great, plus feeling super uncomfortable when in bed. I also strangely get so out of breath, I can’t even walk down the road and I’m panting so that’s something I wasn’t expecting in the first trimester. I also could not stomach car or bus journeys, oh no! Especially having to wear a mask due to covid, I avoid it as much as I can now.


  • Ginger biscuits
  • Dry crackers
  • Mints
  • Water bottle with you at all times
  • Pregnancy pillow
  • Baggy t-shirts & leggings
  • Early nights
  • Lots of cuddles with my boyfriend
  • Mum buns (no motivation to do my hair or makeup)

So that’s it, my first trimester of growing my little bambino is over! Apart from the normal tiredness and things, I have enjoyed my pregnancy so far and cannot wait to carry on growing this little bean until he/she wants to come meet us in June! I am SO happy I’ll have a  Summer baby as that’s what I have always wanted. Plus we got pregnant in October, which is spooky month and ‘my month’ as a lot of people I know will say, which is just brilliant really.

Until next time ♥

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