Sunday thoughts

I am in a funny state of mind at this point in my life, lots of changes are going to happen and it’s very overwhelming to say the least. 2020 has been a wild old year for us all, for me it’s just the uncertainty of my job as I work for a small independent company and we are currently in the middle of the 2nd national lockdown who knows if my job will still be there to go back to? I’m not one to overly stress much over things but I am however an emotional person and I’m full of a lot of emotions recently. My home situation isn’t what I want but I’m staying positive that in the next few coming months Elliott & I (& the cat) will finally have our own little place we’ll call our home and when that moment finally comes I will be my happiest I have been in a while. For now we are together and happy and healthy so that’s all the matters.

Currently waiting for Christmas to come to bring a bit more joy into our lives, it will be a little different this year because of corona but lots of joy nevertheless. Christmas songs, movies and tv specials, lots of chocolates and delicious food, being cosy inside with the people you love, it will still be a magical one. We even put our Christmas decorations up last nights 10 days earlier that I would usually, but it just felt right and it has made us feel that little bit happier in the place that we are currently spending a lot of time in.

I am very much looking forward to the new year, it will be nice to say goodbye to 2020 as it’s been a more difficult year for everyone but I have still made plenty of memories and moments I won’t forget, the lockdowns have made so many people change in a good way and I for one have a different outlook on certain things so I appreciated the time I got to relax and not work 24/7. Let’s all hope 2021 can start getting better and that eventually this horrible virus will finally come to a stop and it will end all the suffering and loss people are having to deal with day to day. Not all of the human race are good people that’s for sure, but for those that have followed the rules and stayed safe and for those who have been working throughout this world pandemic such as all the key workers and the NHS staff, I fully appreciate everything they have done for this country in the last year as it wouldn’t of been easy for anyone to say the least.

Before this blog post I spent 15 minutes just laying next to my cat Pumpkin watching her have a little clean, this is what my life has come to! I’m now going to chill for the rest of the afternoon and wait for tonights episode of I’m a Celebrity, as that’s all I’m really looking forward to on a daily basis at the moment.


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