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Processed with VSCO with a5 presetGrowing up I was a little bookworm, my Dad would always read to me before bedtime and I’d always have a book under my pillow that I loved to stay up and read at night when I was suppose to be sleeping.. one of my favourite books was a book called Sophie’s Adventures, I still have it to this day and I always thought it was the best thing ever because my name was Sophie as well. So cute.

Through my young adult life, I kind of lost my love for reading a little bit for a while, got too wrapped up in partying and shopping and studying then working all the time but in the last few years or so I have fallen back into reading and I love that feeling of getting lost in a book, and oh how I have missed it.

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Every single year I challenge myself to read more, well.. I always fail. 2020 is my year not to fail! So far so good, as I have already read 5 books which is not as much as I had planned but now we are in lockdown because of the current pandemic I have much more time to read, even if it’s just a couple of chapters a day. Reading has always made me feel good and I am looking forward to documenting and writing my book reviews here on my blog throughout the year! I love following instagram accounts and bloggers who talk about books, I love to see what other peoples reviews are of certain books and I’m always on the look out for book inspiration for new reads for myself.

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So lets get to it, here is my reviews on the latest books I have been reading..

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The Undomestic Goddess

author – Sophie Kinsella

genre – fiction, chick lit

rating – 4/5

I am a big fan of Sophie Kinsella, I have read a lot of her books and I am always picking a new one up when I see one in a charity shop, that’s where I got this one at the start of the year! A total bargain of £1, charity shops are one of the best places to pick up some great books.

This story is about a work-obsessed attorney loses her job in a very dramatic way and then plunges alone into the countryside, only to wind up being taken in as a housekeeper by a rich couple, the thing is she is not a housekeeper and in fact is quite the opposite! This book kept me entertained the whole way through with a lot of laugh out loud moments, I just loved every chapter as it’s the perfect book of fun and laughter with a little bit of romance and friendship and self discovery. Yes this book is a little predictable but I wasn’t waiting for a big plot twist or anything and the ending wasn’t what I expected, but I still really enjoyed it.

If you want an easy going light hearted read that will have you giggling throughout, then this is the perfect one for you.

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Blood Orange

author – Harriet Tyce

genre – thriller/crime

rating – 5/5

“Alison has it all. A doting husband, adorable daughter, and a career on the rise – she’s just been given her first murder case to defend. But all is never as it seems…”

Oh how I love a good crime, mystery, thriller book and this one kept me fully hooked!! It follows Alison who seems to have it all but it’s not all what it seems, she has a lot of problems in her life and at times I did feel for her and I just wanted everything to be okay. This book has some shocks and twists and some omg *gasp* moments which I love to read.

All throughout this book Harriet gave you just enough for you to keep wanting more, I read this pretty quickly as I felt I just needed to know how it was going to end, and the ending was brilliant and to myself, quite unexpected too.

I gave this book a 5/5

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Little Fires Everywhere

author – Celeste Ng

genre – fiction

rating – 5/5

This is my most recent book I’ve read and it did not disappoint! I loved how the first opening chapter was the end of the story as this made me think a lot about what it actually meant? I kept guessing throughout and I finally realised nearer to the end of the book on what was coming.

It tells a story of a mother and daughter who have just moved to a new town called Shakers Heights and her daughter becomes very friendly with the Richardson family, all of their lives become intertwined in ways that they could of never imagined.

I was hooked on this book after one chapter, how she described all the characters individually and you got to read certain chapters from different point of views of different characters, it was brilliant and it all just worked really well.

This was an intriguing and compelling domestic drama. A story about motherhood, race, rules, friendships, secrets, and so much more. Great characters and an interesting plot made it a fantastic read.


I have just ordered a few more books whilst currently reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes! So I’ll be back with more updates when I’ve indulged in a few more books!

Until next time! 

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