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Why I’m stopping fast fashion


Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetOk, it’s not like a can just quit over night and become a saint because that’s not realistic is it, so this will be a long process and an interesting journey that I am excited to go on! I have made the decision to stop buying into fast fashion – go me!

What is fast fashion you may ask?

It’s ‘fast’ so fast rate of production, the customers decision to buy it is usually fast, delivery is fast, and the materials will usually be worn away fast!

Fast fashion brings catwalk styles and celebrity fashion quickly to the high street, but it’s process to get there comes at a huge human and environmental cost.

To learn more about fast fashion you can find so many articles online and helpful videos on YouTube, it’s all very interesting and was certainly a massive eye opener for myself.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Last year I realised I had a shopping addiction, yes I was addicted to shopping and I was constantly buying brand new clothes for myself that just wasn’t needed at all. First of all I was working at H&M a few years ago and I used to purchase at least 3/4 items per week, PER WEEK! It was awful, a few years later I did get better but I was still purchasing so many clothing items per month and my collection was getting out of control. I have always been one to have a mooch around for preloved items and I usually gut my wardrobe once a month and take a bag to the charity shop, but I now know I need to stop buying into fast fashion! I will try to make much more effort in thinking when it comes to buying any clothes for myself and start to shop more second hand or from ethical shops.

I am really excited for this new journey in my life, I want to live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle and I want to share all my experiences here on my blog!

Do you have any tips on sustainable fashion? And living a more eco friendly lifestyle? I’d love to know!

Until next time

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