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Digital spring clean

Who doesn’t love a spring clean?! I love it and I have decided to do it digitally too, we all spend a lot of time on our devices (more than I’d like to be honest, but I’m working on it)

Because of us all being in lockdown what better way to spend some free time and having a good ole digital clean! This is what I’ve been doing…

• Unfollowing/Deleting on social media •

Something I love to do now and again is have a sort through ‘friends’ on social media and have a big sort of people and account that I follow and try to simply get rid of anything that doesn’t make me feel good or if I do not enjoy the content I’m seeing – simple! It really is super therapeutic and good for you so I would 100% recommend doing it.

I made a new instagram account this year as I want it to be something I enjoy posting on without it feeling like a competition or comparing to other peoples accounts, I look at instagram in such a different light now that I have grown up that little bit more. I used to use so many hashtags just to get noticed and for likes and it didn’t make a difference on how I really felt to be honest, so I just stopped! We do not need the approval of others to make ourselves feel happy – remember that. Social media can be such a bad place and it can do damage, some people don’t even notice what it’s doing to them as a person! I try to not spend that much time on it anymore and it feels soooo good to not just sit scrolling for hours.

• Delete your emails! •

It really grinds my gears having so many emails, especially junk mail! So this is the perfect time to go through them. There is nothing more satisfying than looking at a tidy email account! At the same time you can unsubscribe to any crap that you may of accidentally signed up to, to help it getting too messy in the future.

• Organise your photographs •

I am a big photo taker and hoarder too! I have made the decision to finally have a huge sort of all my digital photos, believe or not I had like 9,000 photos/videos on my iPhone! Which to me is just ridiculous and I hate it, when am I ever going to sit back and look at all of them? I’m not, so I have started the slow but steady job of arranging them and deleting any I do not want or need, I have also just bought myself a external hard drive to organise and save them all onto as a backup! I do also have iCloud and they are all on my MacBook but my aim is to start a fresh on my iPhone, and to only keep good photographs I actually love. I’ve got photos on my iPhone dating back to 2017, oops!

A digital spring clean has been helpful to keep myself busy whilst doing something productive! Thanks for reading.

Until next time! Stay home, Stay safe 

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