Things I can’t wait to do.. after isolation!

We are currently on day 28 of lockdown here in the UK (yes I’m counting on my calendar!) So we’ve pretty much completed a full month and to be honest it’s flying by to me, the first week or so did go pretty slow as I had to adjust to everything like everyone has had to, not going to work everyday is very very strange! I don’t think I’ve been off of work for this long in my whole life! Madness.

I’ve been thinking about summer and hoping that this will all get better in the next coming months and I wanted to write a little list of things I am looking forward to doing when I can escape from these 4 walls we’ve been told to stay in.


Pub garden

I’m British so typically I am a lover of getting together with family or friends and spending the afternoon having a drink in a sunny beer garden, there is nothing quite like it, just chatting the afternoon away enjoying each others company, this will be something that’s first on my list to do!

Going out for lunch/dinner

I love going out for lunch or dinner with my boyfriend Elliott, we really enjoy our date nights going out for dinner and some drinks, so I’m excited to dress up all fancy and enjoy time just the 2 of us with some lovely food. I also can’t wait to have a big old catch up with friends over food! I am really looking forward to going to Wagamamas, Yo Sushi, Pieminister, Slug and lettuce and Las iguanas! YUM, making me hungry just thinking about it. I even miss going for a coffee with a friend! I really hope this is over soon..

Nights out

I am due a very big night out with friends! Just to dress up, put my lippy on and go dancing all night with people I love! I know the pubs/clubs are going to be heaving when they first open so I’m not looking forward to that bit but I’ll just have to drink more to forget that haha! Can’t wait to see some friends who I haven’t seen in a while and get lost in the music and dance the night away 😛

Days out

It’s Spring time going into Summer and I am missing having days out with my family A LOT! I’m part of a big close unit family and we always have lots of days out together when the weather warms up, I cannot wait to all be able to get together again and have a lush picnic in the sunshine. I miss my family so, so much especially all the kids, my nieces and nephews. I also have a niece that is due to be born in the next 6 weeks so that will be exciting to meet her and have lots of very overdue cuddles!!


I know I’m trying to get out of the habit to not shop all the time especially for clothes, shoes and handbags that I honestly do not need! I still can’t wait to have a wander around town in all the shops, I might even just go and try lots of nice things on and not even by them just for the thrill of it! I also cannot wait to go home shopping, as I have mentioned before on my blog, Elliott and I will be moving out sometime in the next coming months and there is nothing I love more than going shopping for home decor! I JUST LOVE IT!! Especially tk maxx and home sense when spooky season comes along as I am all bout gothic decor all year round! It usually starts around late August/September so lets just hope lockdown is over by then! (fingers crossed) To be honest I have bought lots of things already thats in storage and also have lots of things from my old flat that I have boxed up as it currently won’t fit anywhere in our room in my mums house.. but I still love to buy more! Ikea here I come 😉

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