Life lately #1

I was super late writing my monthly update on March, I don’t even have an excuse as I’ve had so much spare time due to being on lockdown because of coronavirus! So I have decided rather than a monthly update just do some catch up life lately posts here on my blog! I used to do Sunday summary posts for years on my old blog and as much as I enjoyed it, I felt pressure to made sure I made a post every week and it got to me, as I have never had a proper schedule with my blog as it’s not what im about! I like to go with the flow.

March went by like really really fast, it was pretty chilly still so just worked and chilled, spent time with the family and Elliott as usual! My little niece turned 8 years old and she is such a little character I love her so much! She’s like a mini me, Elliott says we have a lot of similarities in our personalites. My nephew Jesse is also growing up so fast, he’s little munchkin and is starting to have such a funny little personality! He’s now 1 year and 5 months old! He’s walking/running around everywhere and will soon start properly talking! His mum Maddy (my little sister) is pregnant again with a little girl this time, she is due in like 6 weeks it’s mad! It’s annoying because of lockdown so we probably won’t get cuddles for a while but we all can’t wait to meet her.

Lockdown due to corona virus (covid-19) has now been extended for another 3 weeks and in my opinion it’s for the best and I don’t even think it will be only 3 weeks I think 6 at the minimum and even then life will take a while going back to normal! It’s very strange that we are living through this right now, this will go down I history for sure, but hopefully it will all go away if we all just stick together and do our part and just stay home and stay safe! Even tho I love to work and have worked pretty much since I left school at 16, it’s very nice having a long break from it! Very strange, especially at first, but it’s kinda nice just to chill ya know? Get to spend lots of time with my cat and my boyfriend and it’s very nice not waking up at 6am! Haha, but saying that I will be so thrilled to go back into work and normal life as I am one of those people that love routine in my life.

It’s now April and the weather has flourished! We’ve had so many lovely warm sunny days and I’ve been tanning it up in the garden and going for nice walks and bike rides. Easter was very different as family didn’t get to see each other but we had a nice Sunday lunch and lots of chocolate! Elliott and I were planning to go away on holiday probably in June and in September this year but those plans will be out of the window due to corona and I won’t feel safe going abroad until next year now anyway, which is fine! We’ll just go to places in the UK and it will be still be great fun! I’m very glad I have already been away this year twice, once to Benidorm with my best friend Kristie in January for her birthday and then in February to Dublin with Elliott – so I’m very grateful for those trips and memories, I had a happy start to year and I won’t let this lockdown put me down, 2020 can still be great! 🙂 Positive thinking is what gets me through life to be honest.

Here are some photographs I have taken on my phone from the last month or so.

Due to being in self isolation I haven’t really got any plans going ahead for the next month or so, apart from saving money to eventually move out when all this is over just taking everyday as it comes!

Stay Home, Stay Safe

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