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Things to do in isolation (what I’m doing!)

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

As a huge lover of making lists about this, that and anything and everything! I wanted to put a little list of things I’d like to do whilst being in isolation whilst this corona virus outbreak is happening and we are being told to stay indoors! I need to try and keep my mind and body busy and it’s nice to relax and have chill time but also keeping busy at the same time – life is all about balance after all 🙂


1 – Read more books

I’m very guilty of buying lots of books but not having enough time to read them all! I have a big stack of unread books that I am eager to get through so this is the perfect time to do a bit of reading daily, I am a huge book lover and I always have been since I was a little girl, this is something I will definitely pass on to my children. I’m also a blogger so I obviously enjoy reading through lots of blog posts of people I love to follow.

2 – Write more blog posts

I’m very having I have my motivation and time back to sit down and write – blogging makes me so happy and it feels good to get this creative spark back!

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3 – Vlog everyday through quarantine to look back on

I still have my YouTube channel even tho I don’t really make videos anymore and a lot of videos are made to private, but I enjoy vlogs and vlogging myself so I’ve been taking small snippets of each and every day to put together for my quarantine diaries! Check out my channel SophieWebb

4 – Write daily to do lists to keep busy!

I love a good list, it makes me feel like I’m more productive with my time and it’s always good to get stuff done that needs doing! Also I have always kept a personal diary I write in for my thoughts and this is the perfect time to start one if you haven’t done so before!

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5 – Exercise daily

There are lots of ways to do this whether it’s a walk or jog around the block (obviously keeping away from others) or there are plenty of online videos on YouTube! I’ve been enjoying Joe Wicks daily P.E workouts, my sister has been doing it with her kids too so it’s great for all the family! I have been enjoying going out for walks listening to my favourite podcast which is called The Receipts you need to check them out right now, they are the 3 most honest and funniest girls that always make me giggle!

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6 – Get creative

I have now got time to be more creative, with my photography, writing on my blog, vlogging for my youtube and I have even started cross stitching again! I am so excited to spend this time to get more creative. I have ordered some more colouring books and puzzles too! If I get round to getting too bored I think I might try to learn Spanish with the duo lingo app! I’ve used it before but always gave up due to time but now I have so much time on my hands?!

7 – Plan my next tattoo!

I haven’t had a tattoo in like 2 months which is mad for me as I’m a tattoo addict haha and usually I’ll have one booked in pretty much every month but I stopped as I need to save money to move out BUT I will be treating myself to a tattoo or 2 for sure when this all blows over and I’m excited to start planning!

8 – Sort out my clothes

This is always an ongoing thing for Sophie! I just have loads of clothes and I love to shop but I have worked on my shopping addiction I had and I’m proud, I now spend my money more wisely and it used to really get me down thinking I always need new things and clothes when I really did not. I constantly try to sort and organise my bedroom and my clothes too and also see what I can donate to the charity shop. Tidy house, tidy mind.

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9 – Get out and take photographs

I love experimenting with my DSLR camera and I should take it out more, so now if I go out on walks I can take it out and start taking some pretty photos. Elliott is also the best boyfriend as he helps me out with taking lovely outfit photos of me! Cutie. Also the iPhone cameras are amazing especially with the portrait mode, I love taking photos of my cat pumpkin on this mode and also pretty close ups of flowers.

I am a big fan of film cameras and I have a few now, I also love using my instax camera and my polaroid camera. There is nothing better than taking a photo in that moment and having it there pure and imperfectly perfect, no edits or anything and this is why I love instant and film photography.

10 – Binge all the shows and movies on Disney+

Yes disney+ is finally here in the UK and I’m loving it so far! My watchlist is huge already and just scrolling through looking at all the old shows and films makes me feel all emotional ahaha. I defo recommend if you’re a disney fan like me

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We should all take this time to relax and enjoy our own company or the people in our household, and to also use this time to get things done that you would usually wouldn’t get round to doing such as crafts or housework or sorting clothes out or the garden or decorating! Whatever it is, keep yourself busy and also have chill time, a good balance and social activity over calling and video chats will keep us sane in this crazy time!

Stay inside, stay safe!

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