February memories

Most of February was me waiting on getting my hair extensions and to fly to Dublin at the end of the month! It was a cold and rainy month so not much time was spent outside to be honest, god it was soooo windy too.

After wanting to try proper hair extensions for a while I finally opted for micro-ring hair extensions only 16 inch as it wasn’t about having super long hair I just wanted it longer and fuller as my hair is so thin and damaged and it super short in places like at the sides. 

I’ve had them for like 6 weeks now and I love them! So nice to be able to curl my hair and stuff, it’s giving my real hair a big break from bleach and heat damage and that was the main thing! I think I will keep getting extensions for a few more months to try give my hair a break as much as possible. I’m still a green bean tho! Sophie couldn’t say goodbye to the colourful hair life don’t worry 😛

I treated myself to some new skincare products recently aswell which I am loving! I have wanted to try The Ordinary brand for a while so I got these 2 products and I love them both! Might look into getting myself some more to try soon too.

Elliott and I took our first trip away together to Dublin at the end of February and it was so much fun! Loved being together exploring a different and new place, it was on my bucket list for so long and I would definitely go back to visit again! ps. Dublin can be expensive!!

♥ much love

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