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Comparing yourself


I have recently started getting totally into listening to podcasts and I came across ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ and when listening to their podcast number #238 Lucy Sheridan: The Comparison Cure and it really got me thinking!

I started to think about how far I have come and how I conquer that obsessive habit of comparing myself. We all do it, it’s completely natural but when it’s bad and starts to affect how you feel and your mood or even bigger, controlling your life and your mental wellness on a day to day basis, you know you need to crack down and do something about it.

Through my life, mainly my young adult life, I have gone through different stages of comparing myself to other people. Whether it be comparing how I look, my weight, my friends, family, my home, job or anything else that we humans can’t help but compare ourselves to – I can’t say now I never compare because I do sometimes still, but usually it’s just in little moments, I then breathe and take a step back and realise I’m being silly – I am grateful for the life I have, I have health, people who care about me, a roof over my head, food on the table and and income and for that I know I shouldn’t compare! I have got into the habit of not looking on social media all the time and to not look at things that annoy me or what not, I also don’t constantly post trying to be perfect or say things just for attention or to be liked or noticed. The right people in your life who you need will be there and support you and love you for who you are.

There is only one of me – one Sophie Marie Webb born on the 28th September in the year 1992 (wow I’m getting on aren’t I!?) I love who I am, I have been raised right and I know I should be proud of who I am, what I have achieved and done in my life and my happiness in this moment, I appreciate everyone and everything in my life, it’s not so say “perfect” but it’s my perfect and I am fully happy about it! There is always room for change, in any aspect in life and as soon as you realise what you need to do to make these changes, small or large, you can start working on them and finally start living your best life.

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