January memories

The first month of the year, oh what a refreshing one! January is finally over and everyone can probably agree with me IT WAS LOOOONG. As I get paid before Christmas it was a very long wait until Januarys payday so the month was pretty chill and I didn’t spend a lot of money which is great as a goal this year is to be better with money and not spend it on useless and pointless stuff I do not need (mainly clothes and accessories oops) So I am pretty proud of myself for not spending moneys here there and everywhere like I used to!

January started out great, socialised with friends including nights out dancing and drinking away and me and my friend Georgina also went for pie, my fave!

I got my first tattoo of the year my little spooky ghost boy on my left arm, I love him so much he’s adorable. I don’t plan on getting too many tattoos this year as I have in previous years mainly because of money as we have other plans to save money and such and I would just like to slow down a little as I have my whole life to cover my body in beautiful artwork I don’t want too rush and have no room left to actually enjoy getting tattoos.

Had lots of family time including going to Elliott’s sisters housewarming party which was lovely. My little sister is pregnant again and she had a baby shower and announced she is having a little girl! So I will have another Niece so that will be 3 now šŸ™‚

Georgina and I had a girls night out which was much needed, it was UV theme and it was great fun! Loved seeing a few friendly faces and just dancing all night to great music!

Me and my best friend Kristie took a little trip away for a few nights to Bendiorm in Spain, we last went there with my Dad and brother when we were 14! It was great weather and it was lush to spend time together, eating, drinking and relaxing having beach days! Always cherish my time with Kristie as she lives down in Bournemouth (I’m in Bristol) so it’s always nice when we see each other.

Here is to a great February! Plans are Dublin with Elliott at the end of the month which I cannot wait for! Our first trip away together, and we’ve always wanted to visit Dublin so I am looking forward to it!

I am also having a big hair change EEEEK watch this space šŸ˜‰


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