Goals for 2020!

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Christmas and new year was great! And I love a fresh new year and making lists and goals of things for the year ahead (IM ADDICTED TO LISTS?!) So I want to write down my goals I would like to achieve and be able to tick of by the time this year is over.

Stop wasting money on clothes I DO NOT NEED!

I hate my obsessions and love for clothes, I honestly do. I love fashion and looking good and stylish and feeling good in my outfit but like honestly I have soooo many beautiful clothes I don’t need any more but I find it so hard to stop. I need to learn I can’t just have everything that I absolutely adore and think wow thats me I need it in my life, like stop Sophie!! There are better things in life to spend my money on! I also hope it will make me enjoy even more when I do decide to treat myself to something nice because at the moment every month I treat myself and it’s gotten out of hand over the last few years.

Start shooting film

I am a huge lover of photography and I love to practice with my Nikon DSLR and I love to take photos on my iPhone constantly but then I find they aren’t as special as when do we ever really look back often at photos on our phones or social media, hardly ever. This makes me sad 😦 I have kept many photo albums for years where I would put lots of my favourites digital photos in that I have printed off myself. Also if you know me you know I am a big fan of disposable cameras! Yes those cheap ones from Boots that you have to wind up haha, so many times I’ve asked someone to take a photo on it for me and there face is a picture itself, some guy in a club once didn’t even know what to do with it WHICH IS MENTAL!? I have had so many disposable cameras from different events to some crazy nights out to family get togethers and I think it’s lovely to have those moments captured on film!


Get my left arm sleeve tattooed!

If you know me or follow me you will be able to see I have a lot of tattoos! I have a full sleeve on my right arm, a few on my bottom right leg and 1 on my left leg! This week I also made a start on my left arm and got a little cute spook ghost boy!! Who I am in love with, this is a tattoo that I have known I have wanted on this arm for ages and I pretty much know what I want for my whole left sleeve! At the moment we are saving to move out in a few months (my next goal) so I am being a grown up and stopping myself from booking any more tattoos at the moment! But nearer to the end of the year I will start filling my left arm up EEEEK!

Move out with my love!

Elliott moved in with me this year and it was the best decision, we got to the point where seeing each other every single day made us the happiest so that’s what we did! The main goal for 2020 is to move out and make somewhere a home for us both and i honestly cannot wait! Living at my mums is nice and easy but I want to have my own space again, we are lucky that she has us so we are able to save😁 also Elliott has agreed we can get a little baby sister for Pumpkin! Thats a new kitten btw 😛 and that gets me even more excited!!



I have a few others such a fully quit smoking (I only smoke now and again) and get out of debt but these are things I am already gradually doing! 

♥ Hopefully by the end of 2020 I can tick all of these off! ♥

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