Thank you & Goodbye 2019



2019 has brought me alot of great memories, i’ve learnt to love myself, i found my soul mate who makes me feel complete, i found who and what is important in life which is a big acomplishment! I got lots of tattoos (11 to be precise!) lots or hair colour changes *shock* and i have enjoyed life even more than i did the year before! Going to have a look through my highlights of 2019!


I started the brand new year of 2019 with learning to love myself that little bit more and I went and did some modelling shoots with my photographer friend Dave who I have worked with before, he’s great!! He made me feel good and the photos really gave me that boost of confidence and self love I feel like I needed, I had just spent my first Christmas and new year as a single woman in so many years and I did feel somewhat lonely at times and I really needed this for sure! The photographs came back so incredible and I really did love every single one.

I also got rid of my split hair this month and went all over blonde for the next colour.


Not a lot happened in February tbh, I did start casually dating this guy who turned out to not be the one for me, after a few months of learning this, but I think I somewhat tried to make him be the one then reality hit and I knew he wasn’t. Sometimes 2 people aren’t compatible and just aren’t meant to be together, just got to appreciate the good times and move on. I learned to not look for love and instead just sit back wait for it and see what happens! Did a lot of partying with friends this month which led to lots of hungover days too! I dyed my hair lavender purple too!


In March I finally found myself a new job which meant I could leave LUSH wahoooo! I was unhappy there for a while but pushed myself to find something else and I was so much happier when I did. Leaving lush did make me lose some friends, I guess you learn who are friends and who are just ‘work friends’ when you leave a company, it’s sad but I will never forget the fun memories I had with such a great bunch of people in my 2 years of working there. I dyed my hair dark purple with black roots this month! LOVEEED IT


I spend a lot of time with family in April, I mean I do every month to be honest, but the sun came out so we could have more days outside! I also spent 5 days down in Devon having a little family holiday which Kristie came with us too, it was lovely! Love a good caravan holiday even tho mine and Kristie’s room was tiny haha! We always have such a great time together, non stop laughing and that’s what I love about us, never a dull moment. She means the world to me and I miss her everyday.

This is the month I FINALLY got my horrible tattoo of stars on my wrist covered up and the also improved my lily flower and added more and it looks so much better now! I found a new tattooist I adore, she is Rhi.draws on Instagram, based in Chippenham just a short journey from Bristol, and I love everything she creates, she’s just amazing! I dyed my hair back to my fave – bright green!


I was lucky enough to get a ticket from a friend (she got 2 as a present) to go and see the Spice Girls in concert and I think it was one of the main highlights of my year or probably my life! I cried when she told me ahaha. It was amazing and my heart was so full afterwards, it was just such a good feeling. I also got another tattoo of blackberries on my arm and got my witch lady completed – she’s my fave.

I dyed my hair pink and orange this month! I looked like a fruit pastel ngl.


I went with my friend Georgina to Bristol Tattoo Convention and it was great! Surprisingly it’s the first one I’ve ever been to (even tho I have so many tats lol) and it will definitely be a yearly trip from now on! I got a spider boy tattooed and it was a lush day.


July was busy! And super sunny and hot!

This is the month that I fell in love with Elliott Clarke – after knowing each other for over a year we became really close friends for months and then it kinda happened very unexpectedly and straight away it just felt right, and that it was always meant to be. When you know, you know. ♥ Love is friendship set on fire ♥

July is also PRIDE month and Bristol Pride is one of my favourite days of the year!! Loved getting colourful for one day as I’m always in black and I had such a great day with the girls, it was superrrr hot aswell. Kept thinking I was going to get tan lines from my fishnets LMAO

I took a road trip down to Bournemouth for the weekend with friends to visit Kristie and we had great fun, must do it again soon. Beach days are the best!

I also took a trip to Wales and went camping with my family and I really enjoyed it, and because of work I had missed out the year before, family time is the best.


August was filled with days out in the sun with Elliott and family! Elliott also decided to dye his hair green to match mine, we thought it would be fun and it was great haha we got all the looks walking around together, so cute, cringe but cute. WE COOL OKAY

Dyed my hair black with purple and green split at the front, tried something different.


My birthday month wahooooo! Started off with a great holiday to Santa ponsa in Majorca with Kristie and another friend who sadly drifted away (thats life tho ay!) it was such a great trip and I really enjoyed it, we went into Palma city one day and it was beautiful, also has my first ever Taco Bell! DELICIOUS!! Memories and laughs that I will treasure forever.

Also got ANOTHER tattoo the coffin and spider on my leg which I adore!! Also by Rhi. I celebrated my 27th birthday which was great with friends and then with Elliott and my family too. Still feels weird that I’m 27, like.. what? Don’t look it tho so it’s all good 😉



It started of with me getting a cobweb tattooed on my knee – I was super scared to get one on my knee but it wasn’t even that painful to be honest, god tattoos are so addicting I just the love the pain of them!

I attempted 31 days of halloween makeup and I was posting it on my social media but I got so busy with other things and work I didn’t complete it but I enjoyed it sooo much, I love getting creative with wigs and makeup.

Also did some photoshoots with my uncle who is a photographer, this is my month to shine being the halloween obsessed goff queen that I am and it was so cool! Elliott and I carved pumpkins, watched halloween films and went to a scare maze fright night. Also I dressed up spooky and partied with friends! Took a annual family trip to the pumpkin patch, it’s one of my favourite things to do in October.


November was pretty chill, lots of cosy nights in as it started to get cold outside! Elliott and I went to Cardiff one weekend with his cousins for a birthday and it was super fun, definitely want to do something like that with them lot again as we rented a air b’n’b house so we could play games and pre-drink before a night on the town.


The lead up to Christmas always seems a bit hectic and the month flies by, did lots of Christmas shopping, watched lots of Christmas films and I had my works Christmas party which I thoroughly enjoyed with my wonderful little team.

I surprised Elliott with a trip to Dublin for us both in February! I am ever so excited to go away with him, our first proper adventure, it’s going to be amazing! 🙂

Ended this year on a high, my first Christmas with Elliott which we spent at home with my big ass family and also had a New Years eve get together which was lovely!

♥ Here’s to lots of fun new adventures in 2020, lets see what this year brings! ♥

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