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In the past few years I have come to realise that social media can be very toxic in lots of different ways and it is such a shame it has gone this way but I suppose life happens and you can’t control what people can and cannot do.

Back in what, maybe 2006 or something I had my first ever social media site on Bebo, I was around 13 I think, it would be a fun site where you can leave cute messages and photos of your friends page and ‘share the love’ haha, and my mum used to let me go on our household pc maybe once a night for an hour and it was fun! I then got big into MSN messenger which was great fun, hours of chatting in the late evening with friends on webcam and sending each other stickers and emotions! Oh those were the days.

Then around 2008/2009 so i was about 16 leaving my secondary school and FaceBook became a big thing but it was amazing at the time because it was used for what it was made for, interacting with friends and family and sharing photographs and messages and what not, fast forward like 10 years and it has turned to shit. Instagram and Twitter can be awful too, so much attention seeking people, people making things up, pretending to be something their not, being nasty to each other and just pure annoying things that make half of me hate social media.

So this is why I have a love/hate relationship with it, if you’re like me and can control yourself with it and just to make sure you delete and block and use this powerful MUTE button, anything you don’t like or don’t want to see then it wont ever really annoy you much or bring you down, or basically make your brain want to explode! It’s only the internet after all. People will always do things to make themselves look better or be the best but people like that tend to try be in competition with everyone else, it’s not a healthy way to live tho!

I myself have gone through stages of obsessively posting the perfect photo on instagram or tweeting endless crap and constantly scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and it is not good for you! Not good for your brain, not good for your time! Hashtagging all kinds of stuff to get the attention from over 1 million followers I had, like what’s the point really?

Like dude, we are only only this little planet for a short time and I don’t want to be wasting all my time scrolling and looking down at a screen, there is so much more to life and more people need to realise this! I love my instagram, I love how it makes me look back at great fun happy memories and post beautiful photos of my life my REAL life for my friends and family to see. I have recently made a new instagram page as my old one had over 1,000 followers and i have had it since 2012.. thats a long time! I don’t care about millions of hashtags or how many likes or if my page looks amazing, I post my real life, i love my life and I work hard to be happy and have a great life, I’m not a wannabe or in competition with anyone and i’m not better than the next person, i’m me and I’m happy 🙂 I want people to remember it’s just the internet and it doesn’t need to be as important to you as you may think it needs to be, yes have fun with it but don’t forget to live your life to the fullest and don’t forget about the people offline.

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