Goals for the next 5 years

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I am a huge lover of setting goals to work towards, making plans for something to always look forward to and i also write lists on a daily basis (not even kidding) LIST ADDICT I AM!

So i thought i’d put together a few realistic things i’d like to achieve in the next 5 years hopefully!

Complete my arm and leg tattoo sleeves!

I have been getting tattoos since the ages of 15 and I am now 27 and have the lovely collection of 30 tattoos to date and i tell you what, it is addicting! I love getting beautiful art work from great tattooist, and being able to cover my body in beautiful things that I love and what defines me as a person, some more personal and some more just for fun. Tattoos make me, me, and i have always wanted to just be covered in them. I currently have pretty much 1 full sleeve completed and i have started on my legs now too. I have soooo many ideas of what I aim to get and i hope to complete both arms and legs at least in the next 5 years 😀

Learn to drive!

I’ve always wanted to learn to drive and I know by 27 most people would of but to be honest it hasn’t really fazed me much because it is SO EXPENSIVE! Plus it was never really a need just a want, but getting older it would be great to drive to wherever I want when I want and also I have always said to myself I would need to drive before I have kids because like hell am i dragging a baby in a buggy on the bus everyday NAHHHH haha!

Start my own family!

This takes me on to this point, I want a baby. I’m kind of at that age where it’s past the stage where I’m like oh i want a baby but I don’t, i’m glad I waited this long and have enjoyed my young adult life free and able to do everything i’ve wanted to do but now I have Elliott, the love of my life by my side, we want to build a future together and start a family in the next couple of years and I honestly cannot wait, i think we will absolutely smash it at being parents! Can only imagine making a little human thats half of myself and half of my best friend, they will be perfect🖤 I also turn 30 in 3 years and I always wanted to have a baby before that age, as i would want more than just 1 in the future and us ladies can’t be leaving it too long just incase!



♥ Hopefully by 2025 I can tick all of these off! ♥

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