October memories

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Spooky month is officially over and boy did I enjoy it and embrace it! I’m a big halloween fan, lover of all things creepy, spooky, gothic and horror so halloween is everyday for me anyway! Creepy but cute, that’s me.

So it started the month is typical Sophie style and I got a new tattoo! I have actually got a tattoo nearly EVERY month this year (my poor bank account) as that was one of my goals for 2019 was to start getting more and more as I want to be covered! šŸ˜› I finally got a cute cobweb one my knee and I’m sooooo in love with it. Starting to fill up my legs now and it makes me so happy.

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Throughout October I did lots of fun things including going to a pumpkin patch which is something I do every single October to get right into the halloween spirit! It was also Elliotts (my boyfriend) first ever time going! It was cute, we went along with my family too and the kids loved it.

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We went on cute Autumn walks too šŸ™‚

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I got into the creepy spirit and made myself into a spooky zombie bride and I looked awesome! Went out and partied with some friends and we all dressed up! Everyone kept saying to me I looked great as it was *my time of year to shine* haha. Love dressing up, especially with coloured eye contacts, it really finishes the look šŸ˜› I also love that people associate halloween with me, it’s actually cute and flattering haha HALLOWEEN QUEEN YAAAS dat me šŸ˜‰

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Every year here in Bristol we have a scare night with mazes and stuff called Fear and it was great! We loved getting scared and it was a lush date night! We managed to get sneaky pics with the actors aswell haha!

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And of course we carved ourselves pumpkins! Elliott has also never carved a pumpkin before?! So it was nice that this was also a first that we did together, with many years of carving pumpkins to come šŸ˜€ Of course I had to carve some bats into mine haha

*crazy bat lady*

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My uncle is a photographer and I’ve had many shoots with him before and we wanted to get into the woods again and so some mysterious ones for the perfect time of year! Here are 2 of my favourite shots he took of me! Also I am obsessed with these dresses.

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I attempted 31 days of halloween makeup but didn’t quite complete the full 31 days (it’s so tough!) but I will attempt it again next year and hopefully prepare early and be more organised! I had so so much fun doing it tho.


Elliott and I also went on a spooky movie date night to a cute intimate mini cinema in our city where we live, we seen Beetlejuice which is one of my faves! Followed by the original Friday the 13th!

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October was great, can’t wait until next year already! Elliott and I are planning on heading to Disneyland Paris for Halloween next year so it’s going to be amazing!

Until next time


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