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Let’s get spooky!


For many years now I have had a big love for anything spooky and halloween related, I have always loved horror, from being a young teenager and all my friends coming to mine and we’d put scary films on and order pizza, we used to do it in the daytime so nobody would be scared but we’d close the curtains whilst the film was on haha, I love vivid memories like these.

My style has been very gothic and dark for many years now, I went through a punky stage wearing bright coloured jeans and having that big side swept fringe *aha* But I found my true style and what I feel I look good in and I feel and look like ME! No one else, which is the best feeling in the world. Why would you want to be like someone else when you can be like you?


I am pretty spooky all year round and I have halloween decor 365 days of the year, I love all the creepy and cute stuff and my style along with my makeup and hair shouts HALLOWEEN QUEEN and I live for it. People know me as the gothic girl who loves halloween haha, hey some people love sport or floral things or reality tv stars, but I love halloween! Oh and the colour black haha such a goff. (yes it’s cool to spell it with 2 f’s cuz I’m cool ok) Like what you like and don’t let anyone bring you down for it! Each to their own and all that and there is nothing wrong with it at all! 😀 If we weren’t all different this world would be boring!


So August is the month where a few shops here around the UK start to get their spooky halloween items creeping in and oh boy I am always on it straight away, I have had plenty of shopping trips looking around for things already. I got myself this STUNNING candelabra after wanting one for ages, I fell in love in a heartbeat and it’s lush I love it! I have also purchased a few other things like pumpkin scented candles because yes they are the best candles ever, especially toffee pumpkin yummmmm.

Who else is excited for spooky season?


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