My colourful hair


Ever since I was quite young, around the age of say 13 I started to dye my hair, first of all it was just some blonde highlights through my medium brown natural hair, then at 16 i did underneath blonde so it was half and half and then as soon as I left school i went a bit wild and bleached it all over! It was like platinum blonde and as much as i loved it at the time, I look back at the length and it was pretty long and oh how I miss it *slight regret*. Since then I went on to go to college to study hairdressing so I started to experiment even more, it got shorter and shorter until I had a short black pixie cut! I absolutely loved my hair like this so it stuck with me for several years, my inspo at the time was Rihanna in her ‘take a bow’ video, I had the big side fringe as well (just didn’t have the gorgeous neck tattoo!) I love those Rihanna days.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetkw1xhiyprksf9tjl5u9t+w

After loving my dark gothic hair for a while I then started to experiment with colour, I can now say I have been EVERY colour, from silver, grey, pinks and purples to bright lime green, orange and yellow! I’ve always been know as that girl who constantly changed her wacky hair colours and I’m totally okay with this, it makes me ME, and I like to stand out and be different.


Somehow my hair is my confidence, like if my hair doesn’t look good that being the colour, the condition of it or the cut I just don’t feel as good, my hair is a big part of me, always has been and always will be! At the moment I’m going back ton purple with dark roots for a while just to let my hair grow and get more healthy, as it’s been through a lot haha. I have a growing wig collection (12 so far!!) so a lot of the time I like to mix it up and wear wigs which is super fun to do as well 🙂 My all time favourite colours I’ve been has to be blue and green for sure! Especially my lime green OMG I loved it sooo much, and it gave me mega halloween vibes which fits me perfectly 😛 I also love love love being purple, I think it suits my dark features really well, and surprisingly yellow looked awesome on me and it’s defo one I will back to in the future! With the dark roots it looked pretty cool!




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