Today I had a moment, a moment of feeling like my boobs weren’t big enough. Yes, I had a little cry IM A CRY BABY OKAY. Day to day I am quite confident with my body right now, yes there is lots I can improve on but I don’t necessarily hate my body and through the years I’ve really learnt to love myself and my body and that is something I am quite proud of. I’ve always been a pretty slim build so naturally I always had quite small boobs, when I was a teenager I felt like they were bigger but I’m thinking that’s because I always wore bras and most of them would have some kind of padding and that made them look a better shape and a better size. I cannot stand padded bras now!

About 3 years ago I thought to myself why do I even wear bras? Bras are made for support right, and my little boobies did not need any support and like a year prior to this moment I only ever wore soft or lace bras anyway! So I said to myself I’ll try go a month without wearing a bra! Little to my surprise I never went back, yes some times when I want to look cute and sexy underneath I will wear nice lace underwear but the majority of the time I do not wear a bra, FREE THE BOOBS! It is fantastic. At first I was always very self conscious of people being able to see my boobs and especially see my nipples through my top, but after a while I felt more confident, and hey we all have them right? It’s just a nipple at the end of the day. I feel like going braless made me fall in love with with boobs, they’re cute and perky and suited to my small body shape.


So today I was doing the whole scrolling through instagram, looking at all the gorgeous girls who are so thin AND have boobs and bum, like why were they blessed and not me?! Ugh.. and that’s why I had a moment, you may call it a moment of weakness but it made me think, and deep down I know that my body isn’t ugly and just because I don’t look like someone else it doesn’t make me less attractive, sometimes it is very hard not to compare yourself, thankfully I don’t do it a lot anymore which is a good thing. What’s the point in wasting the days away lusting over looking like someone else when I can just be me, I like being me. We all are different and unique in our own way and it’s one of the hardest things to accept in this life.

Having small boobs does not make me less of a woman, less attractive, less sexy, less powerful or less beautiful. I feel attractive just the way I am and someone else will also think the same. I like my little boobs and they love me right back.


much love xoxo

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