Feeling fresh


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A brand new year is finally here and as much as 2018 was a great year and I have made such great memories, it was also the year that my life changed dramatically. 2018 was the year I fell out of love, split from my boyfriend of 4 and a half years and omg was that hard, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, breaking someone elses heart is horrible. This was the biggest change I had to make but I knew it was for the best, this then changed my living situation as I couldn’t afford our flat on my own and I need to get out of my debt asap so I’ve now moved back into my Dad’s house which is ok as cheap rent/bills and all that!  

This year I want to focus on getting myself out of debt first of all and then being more sensible with money, I want to focus my energy on doing good things with great people. I’m going to do a bit of travelling as well as travelling lifts my soul and makes me feel good and just to have a fun positive year. I’m still getting used to being on my own, don’t get me wrong I do feel fresh and free and like I can have time for me, myself and i, to also focus on loving myself, nevertheless I do like being in a relationship and being in love is one of the best feelings on this earth! WHERE IS MY LOBSTER? I want to try to stop worrying about finding someone to love and also to not go looking for it, I have accepted it will come in time when it’s meant to and I should be happy in the here and now and one day I’ll find the one for me as I know they are out there somewhere, then we will be happy together.  

I want to get back into blogging as when I was going through my breakup, mentally and physically, I ended up losing all my motivation to take photos and write and it’s two of my favourite things that I enjoy to do, so let’s hope I can start to love it again like i always used to.

I’m also looking for a new job, I’ve had a great 2 years working for LUSH but it’s got to the point where I am not enjoying it much anymore, for several different reasons and I know it’s my time to move onto something new. Next year in 2020 I want to start thinking about my future career and my dream of becoming a primary school teacher but right now that’s in the back of my mind and I just want to enjoy life, live in the moment and have a fun wild crazy time!  

2018 brought me the bestest friends, Chloe, Bekki and Georgina and we have shared fantastic memories and I am so grateful we’ve all found friends in one another. I’m glad they have accepted Kristie into our friendship as well as she is my other half and I couldn’t ever, EVER be without her. Life is good right now and it can only get better right?


Much love


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