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Loving myself freely



For the first time since I was about 15 I am single, I have always been seeing guys or in a relationship and now at the *young* age of 26 😉 I am single, fully! First of all I hated it, craved the attention and warmth of someone caring about me. I am totally in love with love and the idea of being happy in love, but now I’ve realised that’s totally okay and I don’t need to try and find it but instead love myself and my life on my own and when love comes along I can then enjoy that too.

The past few months I got into a new relationship which was super short but sweet, didn’t end the best. Then I was dating someone which was great and then got super complicated all of a sudden, and then I have just been enjoying being a single lady and also been on a few dates with different people, it’s been fun. Now I’m finding i’m getting bored with hoping to find the right person and I don’t want to become somewhat slutty and give myself to multiple of people, so I have stopped going looking and just have fun by myself and with friends and family around me.


I believe surrounding yourself with people who lift your soul and make you feel happy and like a better person is the way to enjoy life. Positivity is key, we only have one life so I try to never focus on the bad and know that we are blessed to be in this beautiful world with beautiful people and places and animals and we need to enjoy each day as it comes.

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