The Journey Begins..


So I finally got the time and made an effort to create a new blog, I have had a previous blog for the last few years and the last few months I have fell into a slump and stopped blogging.

I enjoy blogging so much, it’s something that I am passionate about, I just love creating content, writing and editing and making it my own little creative space! I never like to put pressure on myself to having s schedule or having any rules when it comes to blogging, I don’t care in the slightest if I don’t have a million followers or views etc. as this is not why I blog, I know others do but for me it’s just about myself and what I enjoy doing.

This blog will be like my last, focusing on my life, my style and my feelings.

I’m a 25 year old, halloween obsessed, gothic babe who loves to change her hair colour weekly. I have a cat called Pumpkin who I adore and I love to stand out when it comes to fashion, hair and makeup! I work for LUSH so thats something fun about me, I do love a lush haul so there will be plenty of that on my blog.

So here goes to creating fun and exciting content for myself and anyone out there who’d like to enjoy it with me!


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