My Second Trimester

Well we are officially into the third and final trimester! This is the last stretch until we meet our baby girl and become parents! This pregnancy has strangely gone slow but mega fast at the same time, I think with the lockdown and all covid restrictions, time hasn’t felt like normal. I’ve not really seen my friends during my pregnancy and only seen my immediate family. It has been a very unique experience and in the future when we have another baby it will be such a different experience which is mad! I have loved being pregnant so far (despite the aches and pains and feeling nauseous randomly) my body is amazing and I forever feel grateful that I am growing and carrying our baby.

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Love, Popsy! My new small business

I wanted to share something exciting on my blog today, I would like to introduce you to Love, Popsy! My new handmade small business I have been eager to create for many, many months now! After getting more creative in the 1st lockdown back in March 2020, I experimented with sewing, making clothes, cross stitching and even candle making Continue reading “Love, Popsy! My new small business”